JEICO is a maker of industrial radio remote controllers in industrial use, such as for hoist and (over head & tower) crane, winches and gate, automobiles, conveying and transporting, and so on, for remote and wireless controlling fields both in the light and heavy industries.

With our continuous study and cutting-edge technology, we’ve launched various series and new products. This was recognized by the government, and we were registered as a venture company having high technology. Also, our research institute registered as well is laying the foundation for deeper research.

Our technology has been widely recognized in the field, from remote control for workplace convenience to radio control for safety in industrial sites like cranes, steel power plants, etc. In particular, we developed radio controls to be used in explosion-proof areas, which are certified as intrinsic safety products. Such development is a first in Korea. Our products—all developed using our own technology, from remote control program to communication equipment—are getting more recognized as good and high qualities and yet much low error rates found comparing with others.

We have devoted and focused ourselves to the industrial radio remote control field with the confidence and assuring that we can be No. 1 in the world maybe tomorrow. Based on our cutting-edge technology, we will continue trying to be a leader in the industry at present 21st



JCO Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of industrial wireless remote control and specialized in research and production of wireless remote control fields such as ceiling and tower cranes, hoists, winches and elevators.

We are launching various series and new products with steady research and advanced technology, and the government has recognized this and registered as a venture company. In addition, the company-affiliated R & D center has been officially registered, laying the foundation for further research.

This technology is recognized in all fields, from remote control for convenience in the field to industrial cranes and steel power plants, which require wireless control for safety. In particular, we developed our first wireless remote control for explosion-proof areas, and we are proud of our certification as an intrinsically safe product. Our products are developed with our own technology, from the program to control the wireless remote control to the core RF technology.

We have been in this field with the pride and belief that you will not be left behind by any company in the world for industrial wireless control. We will continue to take the lead in the 21st century industrial wireless control industry with our advanced technology. Shop Now